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SaaSuite is a business and project management solution that allows SMEs and freelancers to control all of their workflows and aspects from one place.

The application increases productivity, saves more time, makes better decisions and increases profits while offering tools for planning your team’s workload, human resources management, customer relations and finance, and reporting.


  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Leads Management

Project Management

  • Track your projects progress
  • manage the tasks of each project
  • Manage the time log
  • Manage client’s ticket requests
  • Manage your events

Financial Management

  • Manage your estimates and invoices.
  • Integrate your payments.
  • Track your spending.
  • Manage your credits.
  • Manage your contracts.

Human Resources Management

  • Employees list
  • departments & designations management
  • Track your employees’ attendance
  • Manage the holidays
  • Manage your employees’ leaves requests


  • Have a general vision of your tasks, schedule, finance, income / expenses, holidays and attendance.

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