Customer Relationship Management

Save time by allowing your clients to track their project progress through the SaaSuit Client Pannel, and manage your Leads properly to increase your Conversion Rate.


Clients Management

Delight your Clients without wasting your time

Add your clients to your SaaSuite account and give the access to your clients pannel and let them track the project progress without taking hours of your precious time.

  • Project Tracking
  • Invoices, Estimates & Payments
  • Tickets Requesting

Build your Inbound Process

Your Client's Journey

Step 01

Manage your Leads through the whole Sales Funnel

Companies still resort to legacy methods like spreadsheets for tracking and managing leads. However, this is an extremely inefficient process and can impede the conversion of approximately 70% of leads. A dedicated lead management system is required to apply strategic techniques to gain new leads and ensure maximum leads reach the final conversion stage.

Step 01

Step 02

Delight your Clients

Customer delight happens when you surprise a customer (or client) by exceeding expectations. When expectations are met, you have customer satisfaction. When expectations are exceeded, you achieve customer delight. Exceed your customers expectations by giving the the ability to track the progress

Step 02

Step 03

Get more Referrals

Customer lifetime value (or CLV) is the projected profit a business may expect to gain from a single customer over the course of their entire future relationship. The higher the average CLV, the more potential each client means to your bottom line. By delighting your customers, you will increase your CLV! What are you waiting for to build your Empire?

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Build your Empire with SaaSuite!